Thursday, January 26, 2023

Cassette Review //
(Blackjack Illuminist Records)

Vlimmer has been making music for long enough now that it's easy to listen to one of the new cassettes and just hear a sound which reminds me of Vlimmer.   They've really come into their own sound and as I think about the influences being from bands such as Brazil, it feels like influences I've typed before and now this should all just relate back to sounding like Vlimmer.  

With synths, "Menschenleere"  can be something you want to get up and dance to.   The second song has this great trill percussion and it can also just bring about melodies and fun.   A carnival ride of synth is how the third track starts and then it begins to feel more like a pop punk song only with the electronics firmly in place.   There are still some hints of Oingo Boing, but with beats this also becomes a bit trippy.

On the flip side we start with some fast paced beats and heavenly synth tones.  This is the perfect combination of what I think of when I hear Vlimmer- that way you can get up and dance but also just feeling a bit serious, like something that when it comes on you have to give it your full attention.  

Beats switch now to something a bit darker and it feels like there is this banging in a "Take Me To Church" way.   It gets less dark, but swirls around in this sound which comes on in almost a panic.    Everything grows bigger, distorted and there are even X-Files tones back there to end the song.   In contrast, the next song comes out a bit more upbeat as the synth feels like an intro to an anime.

Things begin to feel more cinematic now- the sound grows more intense, a bit slower, but it's louder as well.   It begins to feel almost mechanical, like NIN, but it's driving home a point.   Church organ-like tones start the next song, which quickly forms beats.    This feels upbeat but also just feels like a celebration, which is a fitting way for this cassette to end because it leaves everything on such a positive note.  

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