Wednesday, January 11, 2023

2022 Tag Team Of The Year ::: MSP

While Independent Wrestling Television held their voting for Tag Team Of The Year, it was curious how there were a number of tag teams they seemed to overlook.  One glaring omission from their voting was MSP, who for my money were the best tag team to grace any ring in the year of 2022.

MSP would start the year at Limitless in Worcester with a win over BRG & Channing Thomas, both of whom would go onto greater heights throughout the year.   But as Blitzkrieg! Pro was in need of new Tag Team Champions, in February MSP defeated A Message To You, Miracle Generation and the CDC to become the new Blitzkrieg! Pro Tag Team Champions!  

MSP would meet Channing Thomas again, challenging Thomas and Vern Vicallo for the NCW Tag Team Titles at the beginning of March.   MSP would then go on to defeat such tag teams as Miracle Generation, The Haven, Brick City Boyz, Shook Crew, ARTE (with the help of B3CCA), The Outfielders, Miracle Generation (again) and Death Threat Army.  Which takes us up to the most important moment not only in the year for MSP but in wrestling as a whole.

November 19th, 2022: MSP defeat BUSSY at Blitzkrieg! Pro's "Mercy Me" to successfully defend the Tag Team Titles.   MSP traveled the world this year, even appearing for AEW against Private Party.   But if you don't see the significance of a match such as MSP vs BUSSY then you just need to pay closer attention.  

I will say this until I'm blue in the face but who else would've booked this match other than Blitzkrieg! Pro?  Beyond barely touches MSP these days, even though they did some BUSSY matches this year.   GCW won't have MSP in their ring for some reason.  So it just felt like the only possible way this was getting booked was by Blitzkrieg! Pro and for that I am very thankful.  This match wasn't just one of my all-time favorite tag team matches, but it is a piece of history.

        Though MSP closed out their year at Blitzkrieg! Pro in losing the Tag Team Titles in Ladder Hell, the fact remains that Dustin Waller suffered an injury during that match.   So even though Miracle Generation won the Blitzkrieg! Pro Tag Team Titles, they might have lost the IWTV Tag Team Titles because of that match.   So it was brutal all around and trying to survive three other teams when ladders are in play is just not easy.

In 2023, MSP already has a standing competition with Miracle Generation and a rematch for the titles- two on two- might be in order.  What else the future holds for MSP is uncertain as they could have more great matches with any team, however it has already been announced that in February at "Braumatica", MSP will be going two on two for the first time with Kings Of The District and that is already promising such a great year for both teams.  

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