Thursday, January 12, 2023

Music Review //
Fritz Hager

What I like about this song is that it starts in a distinct rock way but then the chorus mixes it up to give it this unique sound.   It also happens to tell a story about a woman named Caroline and at the beginning of the song it seems as if he has forgotten her name or just couldn't remember if she told him what it was.  

If you've ever met any named Caroline, it has been my experience that they get upset when you reference that Neil Diamond song.  I feel like as a musician there should be that association there- where if someone tells you their name is Caroline then in your head you think "Like the Neil Diamond song" because saying it out loud may not be the best idea.  But maybe the idea of the story is to distance yourself from thinking of the name that way.

Between Ben Kweller, The Pale Pacific, The Rocket Summer and even The Killers, Fritz Hager has managed to find this radio friendly rock sound that would fit in well with a label such as Fueled By Ramen.   "Caroline" also starts though with this guitar sound where you think you know where it's going, but the chorus drops off into something else and I really enjoy that part of it the most.

Most people might relate the name Caroline with Neil Diamond but for me it always first brings up a lyric from a song by I Kill Giants.  I think that perhaps the more songs there are out there to get stuck in your head about the name Caroline, then the name may no longer just be known for that one song.    Those named Caroline would likely enjoy having this song as their new anthem.  

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