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From what I understand, this musical project takes a bunch of songs that I should be able to recognize, chops them up, speeds them up and slows them down, and then mashes them all together.    At least that is what it sounds like.    There was a time when I would have multiple SoundCloud windows open at the same time and they'd all start playing their songs- so I'd have something like four songs coming on at the same time and that reminds me of this.  I once told a publicist "These songs sound great when all played at the same time" and never heard from them again.  

There is soulful singing- like Mariah Carey- on "BURFLY"- which might be from the song "Butterfly" by that particular artist.  Apparently there is also a BTS song of the same name that may or may not be included in here.  In total, this album is roughly seven minutes in length but it seemingly goes by in an instant.   The first time I listened to it, I mistakenly had another browser window open- I put this album on Windows Media Player but over on Google Chrome I had a SoundCloud link open playing an advance which just added this whole other level of distorted rock guitars to it.   

The songs on "CAULERA" are a little bit easier to figure out by their titles and sounds.   It's pretty much straight forward Christina, only it's sped up and skips at times.  "GINBOTL" is for "Genie In A Bottle", "WARTS" is "What A Girl Wants"... that sort of pattern.   For nearly eight minutes you can hear what I believe to be sounds of the same artist and then they all just come to a complete stop- they cut off abruptly- and we're left wondering if we really are beautiful or not because it wasn't really made particularly clear.

As soon as I start "NO ACHE" I recognize "BYYY" as being "Bye Bye Bye" and I put two and two together with N*Sync.   This one is pretty chopped up and that makes it just sound like it has a lot of scattered beats and incomprehensible words.    I'm not aware of all of the songs by this particular artist, but I do hear them sing "No Strings Attached" at one point I think that's an album title of theirs.   If this was a mix of songs by NKOTB I'd likely be able to recognize them all, but that's about where my knowledge of boy bands starts and ends.  Though, yes, I do know those radio songs I'm just not always certain if it's N*Sync or BSB.

"BOOM", it's Britney.   I actually know wayyyyyy too much about Britney Spears (which may or may not surprise you) so, yes, I can figure out the songs within here.   If you ever have the chance to listen to a Greatest Hits type of album by Britney Spears, I highly suggest you do it.  But if you want to listen to a nine minute version of that, all chopped up and sped up, then you have "BOOM".   

When I was sent a ZIP folder of these four albums via a Dropbox, I later asked Tim where to link this to for a review.   While I didn't save the link at the time, I did go back and find the tweet response and came to find out it has since been deleted!  So I'm not sure how to find these sneaky songs if you wish to hear them for yourself, but if you have the interest and the time to spare I have faith in your skills of being able to track them down.  



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