Interview # 224
All Things Blue

1) What is it like being named All Things Blue with a focus on that color over the summer with the police?

While the discussion on police is one I take very seriously (defund them!), I don’t equate all blue things to cop colors. That thought also lends itself to my opinion on everything being politicized, which I am not in support of.

2) Is the song "Chad" about a specific Chad or Chads in general?

Well it did start as a conversation about our incredibly sweet friend, Chad Tittle, and how he gets a bad rep for having the name. The song isn't about Chad Tittle though, just the "Chad" archetype. 

3) Which is the better blue- Avatar or The Smurfs?

Blue Man Group!

4) "Get Bit" was released on December 11, 2020.  What is it like releasing music in December when a lot of music journalist types make "Best of the Year" lists and tend to already have their spots filled?

Oh fooey, who looks at those "Best of the Year" lists anyhow? I'm more in it for the listeners than the journalists. We did release 6 singles over the year though! So everyone got a taste of what the album would be like, and right in time for the holidays :) 

5) Your sound is one which can switch it up from rock to pop to soul to I don't know what all within the same song.  It can have that soul of a great R&B artist and then also feel like something from the 1990's, like Garbage.   How do you describe your sound to people who want a more brief description?

I've been sticking with Dream Punk.

6) What place do you feel physical music has in modern music?  I know you released "Doomed to Lose" on cassette and CD in 2019.   Do you think that's something which we need to see more of or shy away from in the future?

I mean, during this pandemic I don't think I’m selling as much physical and the digital streams are still rolling out ((so I see the benefits of digital)). However, when the world is open and we're touring, concert goers always show support at the merch table. I prefer listening to Vinyl over spotify(etc.) personally and I know I ain’t the only one! There’s something closer to the source about music thats on vinyl or even cassette when done right. Yeah, I definitely don’t want music to be purely digital in the future. No shying away, please.

7) Your song "Buddha & Penelope" has a great music video.  Do you feel like music should still be connected to the visual, such as it once was in the days of MTV?

Hey, thanks. I think everyone loves a visual to go along with a song. Generally, our senses crave an image for sounds and vibes. Bring back music television! 

8) As an artist on platforms such as Bandcamp and SoundCloud, what are your thoughts on streaming services, specifically how people tend to dislike certain ones such as Spotify?  How would you prefer someone listen to your music?

It's tough. I get why so many users choose Spotify since the platform is set up so accessibly, everything is right at your fingertips. Yet, Spotify has the capability of making it a lot better for artists while still remaining inexpensive, and they simply choose not to do so. Rude. I guess physical is always my preferred way for folks to listen but honestly, as long as they're listening I'm pretty stoked. 

9) What is it like being from L.A.?  As someone who lives on the east coast, I feel like there is a bit of animosity between the coasts.

Hm, well I am actually from Allentown, PA originally. I'll always be an east coaster at heart but, I do really enjoy the west coast too. I think the coast vs coast vibe is only there when it’s fed. Shout out to all the coasts! 

10) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc... ???

Control Sector, Kat Bing, Mini Trees, SLUGS, Jake Tittle, Fast Color, DCR POLLOCK, Family Cash, Fast Car Slow Car, The Gooms, tuna nachos!


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