Friday, October 30, 2020

Cassette Review //
Nandele Maguni "Plafonddeinst"
(Already Dead Tapes)

$7 //
Edition of 100 // //

We begin with quiet glitching beeps.   There is speaking now but this is so quiet that when you listen to it through speakers you'll have to turn it up but with earbuds it isn't too bad.   The beats kick in now and it gets louder.   I feel like we're in "The Matrix" but it could just as easily be "Resident Evil".   Tones come through now with beeps like Pong.   I really enjoy the electronic aspect of this, how it almost feels like a video game, but then it blends flawlessly with these beats to create a hip hop sound the likes of which I've not heard before.

Quieter again, I hear what sound like birds.   I hear the light rattling of glass now, like something moving around inside of a bottle.   Guitars come piercing through now like 90210.    Back to quiet I feel like there was a car door opening and now some ruckus in the halls.   Someone speaks, then someone sings.   Banging still in the distance.   Alien whirrs coming through loudly now.   Many sounds all in a row take us into a ball bouncing beat.   Singing in a glitch "da" way and we've hit a groove here as well.   We get into some serious Knight Rider synths in this song now as well. 

Words are speaking now and they told me to slow down and read these lyrics.  I particularly like the lines: "Rewrite your history because what you were taught was prescribed / Identity is to be redefined or else you're living a lie"    Beeps like a car horn now and that wind still swirls behind connecting the sounds.   Vocals come through chopped up now as the beat kicks in.  A singing loop now but without words.    We slow things down now with spaced out buzzes.   The beeps take us through an adventure here. 

The tones now feel like a ringtone or an alarm.  A different type of Doogie Howser beeps now.  Animal sounds come into this computer bliss.   Modems come through as it feels like we're dialing up on a carousel.   It feels like the pinball game is going off the rails as everything is clanking and coming together and that is how we reach the end of the first side. 

On the flip side we open with a ringing and then people are talking to each other like a field recording.   Through electronic bursts come some great beats and this song just makes me want to see how high I can jump.    As it drops off the frequencies whirr and it changes into the sound of electronic dripping.    The beats return and there is a calm about this, like a great warrior about to go into battle.   The guitar cuts through one more time.    Through more of those whirrs we end into birds chirping.

It feels like little electronic balls bouncing around inside of a tin can now as these space-like tones expand in the background.   Claps now take us into the deepest and darkest of beats.    This all culminates with a radio static- like an antenna- and then it just goes almost completely quiet.   It feels like we're quietly changing radio stations and then synth bass comes in first followed by full beats.   This is the song you're going to want to really get up and dance to.   This really takes on this vibe now where it's just growing and growing. 

We go into what sounds like an audio clip now because there is singing but you can also hear the sounds of cars passing by.   The synth comes back in now.   There is the ringing of a bell, singing and then the beat just drops.    This returns us to the sounds of singing, perhaps with percussion added in now, like how the street performers bang on buckets and such, only this time there aren't the sounds of traffic as the cassette reaches its end. 

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