Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Baseball Review //
Great Barrington Millers 3, South Windsor Phillies 5
[10/24/20 @ Nevers Park, South Windsor, CT]



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This game was the first of a doubleheader for the South Windsor Phillies and I considered combining the two games into one review but I felt like both games were different enough that they needed their own reviews.   We had only been to Nevers Park once before but this time it somehow felt nicer.  When we got there- around 11:00 am, which was to be game time- the Millers weren't all there yet and most importantly there were no umpires.  So while we waited for the umpires to show up so the game could start we walked around checking into Pokestops and catching Pokemon I'd never seen before.

The last time we had seen the Phillies they lost to the Gators and oddly enough the last time we saw the Millers they also lost to the Gators so going into this game it felt like both of these teams had something to prove coming off of that loss.   The Phillies had Trevor Moulton on the mound while the Millers had Justin Morhardt and it felt like a GHTBL showdown in that way.   This felt like it was going to be a pitchers duel but the Phillies scored early on a HBP and BB which set the tone for the entire game.

There were strikeouts throughout this game but there were also runners in scoring position who never scored.   The first runs of this game came unearned but then more came in off of a huge homerun by Travis Ferguson.   Justin Morhardt would double off of the fence in right field (I thought the ball was out of here) to put up runs to try and bring the Millers back into it, but it just wasn't enough.   This really felt like a game where the Phillies started off scoring first and then they just kept going with the Millers trying to catch up but the Phillies were always just one step ahead of them.  

The Millers even tried to get a rally going to tie the game up in the seventh inning but it fell short.   It's easy enough to say that the Millers weren't on their best game this day and the Phillies were just the better team.    This was a first time match up between the two teams, who have been both been at the top of the league, and now it is interesting as the Millers dropped their game on Sunday against KHA and head into the playoffs against KHA.  If the Millers can get past KHA, they have the Orioles waiting for them- a match which hasn't happened yet- and that's going to be a game to see.  If KHA defeats the Millers though then we have a Connecticut Twilight League match up next.  

Either way, the playoffs are set and as of right now it looks like it's going to be challenging for the Millers, KHA and then the Orioles who are all on the same side of the brackets.  None of the three teams are really guarenteed to make it to the finals because KHA holds a recent victory over the Millers while the Millers no-hit them as well.   Whoever wins and advances is going to make for a can't miss game against the Orioles and I'm here for it all.

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