Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Baseball Review //
Great Barrington Millers 1, KHA Team 0
[10/11/20 @ Southington Rec, Plantsville, CT]

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Sometimes, all it takes us one run.   You think about games that end with a final of 5-4 but you really don't think about them being 1-0.    Going into this game, the Great Barrington Millers had a record of 2-1, with their only loss being to the Gators on opening day, while the KHA team were 1-2.   This game took place in Southington, which is about twenty minutes from me, so after the Banditos-Owls double header in the morning I was around 2:30, which gave me a few hours to relax and eat before going back out.

This field reminded me a bit of McKenna Field and I was okay with that.   We sat in bleachers behind a net and the net was really tall so there were slim odds we'd get hit by a foul ball.  One of the things I also noticed right away was that the KHA team had players from the Knights, Aftershock and at least three players in a blue uniform but no one from the Hurricanes this time out.  I think that the blue team is the Thunder (?) so maybe soon they will go from KHA to KTA.  (Probably not.  There are only two weeks left in the season)

The fun fact for this game is that the KHA team had a pitcher start in the first inning, who gave up the only run of the game, and then they replaced him in the second inning.   For the rest of the game, Chris McGrath (of the Knights) was on the mound and he pitched a great game.  One only wonders what the result of this game might have been had Chris McGrath started and not allowed that run in the first inning (they might still be playing)

The pitching of Justin Morhardt was too much for the KHA team to overcome though.   After striking out two in the first inning, you knew it was going to be that type of game.    In the bottom of the fourth inning there was a great diving catch made by the Millers' center fielder and that was apparently when we learned that Justin Morhardt had a no-hitter going.   This was a seven inning game and Justin Morhardt came out after five, but the closing pitcher for the Millers got all six of the final outs as strikeouts and the Millers pitchers managed to do the combined no-hitter.   

I remember on Saturday I had something to my dad about going to this game and he knew that I would be at the Banditos double header before it so his thing was if for some reason I felt too tired or just decided after those two games I didn't want to do a third game then to let him know.    And I remember telling him something like "We're going to see the Millers.  Justin Morhardt will be pitching.  It'll be fun".    Never at that point did I think I'd see a no-hitter, but now I am definitely glad that I went to this game.

With this win for the Millers and the loss the day before for the Phillies they now have the same record of 3-1.    They also have yet to face each other so that's going to be a game you really want to see when it comes around.   (The Millers say they are off this weekend though the schedule has them playing the Phillies on Saturday)   The Gators and Orioles are right there as well, as the Gators have victories over the top two teams and the Orioles have a victory over the Gators.   So this may seem complex but it is all very competitive and I think if nothing else we've learned that on any day it can be anyone's game.  

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