Music Review //
The M.O.A.
"Marbles" //

When this video starts you see the singer pushing around a wheelbarrow in black and white.   He goes up and down the streets, with a child at his side at one point but they pass by some scenery but there isn't a whole lot to be told within the story of the visual-- it's left to the mystery of it all.   You're left wondering what is in the wheelbarrow and where is he going with it, what will he do with it.

By the end of the video he ends up on the boardwalk facing into the ocean.   He takes out a box and the bags he had been pushing mix with water to form concrete.   He stands in the box as others pour the concrete in and push him into the ocean.   It's quite the visual, actually, because the words of the song seem to mix so well with what's happening on screen. 

There are certain tags I would use to describe this song by The M.O.A.   Words like "new wave", "punk", "post punk" and that sort of idea all come together though they aren't really one of those individually, more of a postwave, if that's a thing.   In some ways, this song reminds me of "Approaching Normal" era Blue October, which is definitely not a bad way to sound either.

At the end of the song (and video) I think what can be learned best from this all is still left to somewhat of a mystery in the sense that you must solve it.  We all carry around this weight with us which isn't physical but weighs us down more than any wheelbarrow we could ever push around.   It's your choice to either stop pushing the wheelbarrow and let go of that which is holding you down/back or you can simply let it be your downfall.   Hopefully, after watching this video you can gain a better understanding of what's in your wheelbarrow and how to make the load lighter without causing yourself harm.


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