Cassette Review //
Avola + Foster
"Pure Salt"

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Big drum machine beats start this cassette.  Laser fire blasts come in and then it's those ringtone type of sounds which also make me think of robots.    As I feel like I'm hearing modems, this one just gets wild.   It drives, it twists and it turns.    It fades and returns into the next song which has a feel to it like The Prodigy.   It just hits that hard. 

On the flip side it seems like we have this sound of something opening up and then these electro beats kick in.   It starts off as this one sound, but then grows into more sounds and the pace just increases which is a nice way to build the overall volume.   I like to think there is a simple complexity to this entire cassette because on the surface it can feel so much like pop but underneath it all there are many hands at play.

In some ways this can be a video game soundtrack even, but perhaps that could be said about anything in the right game.   (Though, yes, this does just have that type of sound, complete this hum-buzz behind it all)   It comes through rapid fire at times and it just makes me want to move.    That weird almost chewing type of sound persists though.

Drum machine beats bring in the Transformers sound.   It gets a little bit of drone, a little bit of funk.   Sometimes these lasers blast through like lightsabers as well.    It just grooves, but there is an electronic transformation to it-- that series of robot beeps, much like how I imagine someone would take the tones from a keypad, like at the ATM, and manipulate them into becoming music.   But that is a lot of this cassette: creating melodies with non-traditional sounds.


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