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Sheep On Drugs
"2LIGHT 2DARK e.p."

£10 // //

This cassette starts with beats and beeps.   It's somewhat fast paced and reminds me of the soundtracks to movies such as "Go" and "Run Lola Run".   Vocals attempt to kind of glitch through at times and I also can hear modems, but this ultimately has that steady beat behind it which is great for driving fast or running- something fast paced.   The way the vocals try to come through at times can also feel like industrial, which also makes me think of Fire-Toolz.

There is even singing in here and this just has a feeling unlike anything I've ever heard before.   It's fast paced electronics, yes, but there are other layers to this which make it unique of that as well- and the singing- and I feel like it should be easy to say "Oh, this is influenced by ___" and then add some big name like Fatboy Slim in there or whatever, but I can't.     The way it moves though is just so much fun.    It is such a delight to listen to it, even if the words are about not wanting to live forever it still makes me so very happy.

What I find interesting as well, as a sort of side note, is after listening to the song "Going Soon" several times over (which closes out the first side) it's not funny but it's something worth noting that it feels as much like it's about leaving a party or the such as it could be about death and I really like that about it.   There are these upbeat kind of beats too, so you can kind of just dance to it without thinking about that underlying meaning.

On the flip side we open up with these deeper beats and it feels like something that could be on "The Crow" soundtrack.   It's such a special sound because you want to feel like it's something you've heard before, but it isn't and the way it sings and just sludges through at the same time makes it instantly stuck in your head. 

The fourth and final song starts off with those beats which make me think industrial but then it switches into something trippy which can be this cross between Flaming Lips and Led Zeppelin.    It takes on this fun sound now as well, which makes me feel like Sheep On Drugs can take these ideas of being rock n roll or electronic or industrial but fuse them together in a way which hasn't been heard before and so you think it sounds like something else but it only sounds like them.


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