Cassette Review //
"Don't Send Me"
(Waters End)

$8 //
Edition of 21 // //

This one starts with some wild drum machines and then these bouncing balls come in before it hits this steady rocking beat, somewhere between rock and electro.   It picks up now, somewhat like a dance number, and I'm thinking of an artist such as Fatboy Slim.    There is a pop appeal to this where I could imagine hearing it on the radio, in a movie or even a car commercial.

At one point in the first song it feels like singing is trying to come through but it doesn't quite.  On the next song, however, there are these spoken words and the tones in here just sing.   It's very electrowave, if that's a thing.    It just has this blissed out sound which I enjoy, good for just chilling around your house or out on a long drive at night.

An audio clip now in what sounds like broken hues from a film, a post rock sense in some way as well.   This might not be an audio clip though and it might be spoken word as well.   "I find no shadow of another body" is repeated and then the beats kick in.     This grows a little trippy, as I'm feeling like "Trainspotting" now.

Blissed out tones begin the flip side with equally happy beats.   Singing comes in now and this feels like something out of "Go" but also happier, not as frantic.    The mood can change, as it's once again chill, but this remains upbeat for the most of the time and I like to think of it as just being optimistic.    Back when hardcore had a genre called posicore (look it up) I felt like there were too many genres but now I'd like to think of this as being some cross between electro and optimistic ("electropti"?)

This takes us into an electrical song which feels kind of clanky, like a lot of beeping robots at once even though it has minimal sounds and isn't as crowded as I'm making it seem.   With a nice drive, this feels a little bit like a video game and it's one I would definitely want to play. 


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