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"Reflect" //

Whenever I hear a rock band with big, crunchy power chords like Chemist my mind immediately goes to Chevelle.   For me, Chevelle is one of those bands that's been on the radio and was on the radio at an unfortunate time (because other bands on the radio at that time were not so good) but I still listen to Chevelle.   They were better than the radio ever gave them credit for being and I also saw them in relation to the band The Beautiful Mistake, who was one of my favorite bands well.

Someone definitely told Chemist that 2019 was going to be The Year of Rock.   This album needs to be played as loudly as you can and it's just so heavy yet full of so much melody.    In some ways, I am reminded of Silverchair and then a song like "Jaded" can feel like a ballad by As Cities Burn or Scary Kids Scaring Kids.    This also reminds me of ourfathers, who are just one of those bands that when you hear them you won't be able to stop listening to them.

The lyrics always get me in the rock like this.   I'm always going back to my teenage self, trying to find the lines I can most relate with both then and now.   "Dissipate" brings out the blunt line "Yeah, this shit's getting old" which is just a mood for me.    "Jaded" ponders "I'm stuck in between / Where I was and where I want to be". which is a place I've been for quite some time and don't know if I'll ever get out of being there (at least not any time soon) "Rabbit Hole" of course makes me think of Alice and I love this part:

"My light begins to fade 
You’re the only thing that’s comforting
I struggle to find my way
Nothing will ever be the same"

If you're looking for an album that is as melodic as it is dark, as complex in the guitar work as it is heavy and just full of lyrics that you can quote (and sing along with) then you're probably ready to listen to Chemist.    I don't feel like I'll ever tire of hearing bands who create music like this-- there's something about these big chords that I love-- but it also has to be made at a certain level of excellence and Chemist has found that.   Now it's up to you to listen.  


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