Cassette Review //
Stefan Christoff
"c'est pas fini à Montréal"
(Jeunesse Cosmique)

$7 //
Edition of 50 //

Guitar chords come clanking through to start this cassette.   Ambient notes shine through like post rock as well.    It's got that Hendrix / BBJr. feeling to it for sure.    At times it can feel trippy while at other times it has that darkness of Nirvana's "Something in the Way", for example.    Notes pierce through and though this is guitar based but it feels like you could be floating around in the clouds.

Inside some of these harmonies are these clicks which make it feel like we're on the verge of going into something in outerspace, like aliens, but that's the end of the first song I believe.    Something more dramatic, a little hypnotizing in some ways, is trying to pull us into the next song with these almost surf-like guitar notes.    For some reason, as the guitar notes twist and turn, wind through the song, I am reminded of Porno for Pyros, Fastball a little and even Duncan Sheik.  

The notes plug through, like grasping for water in the desert.   They seemingly plug in and take a darker turn now.    I'm not sure why the thought enters my mind, but it would be rather fun to hear someone rapping over this or at the very least a remix where someone puts some beats behind it.    It feels so isolated, so desolate, it would be interesting to take that turn where you could dance to it.    The notes cut through sharper now, leaving behind their bass-like shadows.

On the flip side we open up much louder in that FNL / post rock way.   This is the type of music I like to put on when I need to relax.   Listening to it, you just sit back, close your eyes and drift away.   You won't fall asleep (probably) but it will take you to another place.    This takes us into these notes which are darker and kind of drop off into distortion.   This definitely sounds like it could be something off of "The Crow" soundtrack and it has this pacing behind it, this beat, which just makes it feel like it's going to explode.  

There is a way about this song where it feels like a sort of western, just sort of strolling through town, but at the same time the darkness which falls over it makes it much more intense.   That, and the ever-beating heart behind it all can put you slightly on edge if you don't wish to lose yourself in the groove.   Listening to this song also makes me feel like putting a beat behind the other songs isn't so crazy and this could even have some larger beat behind it because what beats here is still somewhat in the background.

The final song has guitar notes which more closely resemble something like the band Bush or maybe when you get that sweet guitar solo to play the National Anthem or the such only not as distorted and trippy as Hendrix.   This whole cassette is about guitar loops and the mood they can make you be in and it's kind revolutionary in a sense because other times you've had to experience other sounds with the guitar for such affects.   On this cassette, you need only a guitar to feel like you are listening to an entire band.  


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