Music Review //
Bob Mould
"Sunshine Rock"
(Merge Records) //

Bob Mould doesn't need me to write about him.   My writing these words isn't going to get you to listen to "Sunshine Rock".    You should already be well aware of Bob Mould and his extensive catalogue of music.     Plus we all know that back in 2012, Bob Mould achieved rock perfection with the album "Silver Age" (That's science, look it up) so you really should know who he is and be listening to him by now.   But if you're not, prepare to have your mind blown and welcome to the world of rock music.

What I like most about "Sunshine Rock" is that it doesn't slow down, it never lets up.   This album just finds its pace with the songs and it keeps going.   I'm not sure what people want out of their rock music but, for me, how I want my rock music to generally sound is exactly how Bob Mould creates songs.   At some point in time, Bob Mould became the measuring stick for rock music and rightfully so.  If you can't keep up, don't bother trying.

"Thirty Dozen Roses" feels like such an appropriate song, knowing that most people will be listening to this around Valentine's Day.  Ugh.  Can I express my distaste for Valentine's Day RE: flowers now?  I can? Okay, cool.  So, I used to work in the produce section of a supermarket (but it wasn't that super) and I also had to overlook their floral department at times.   I still feel to this day that flowers are a bad way to show someone you care because you're basically saying, "Here is this flower.  It is bright and colorful now, but soon it will wither and die, regardless of how much care you put into it.   Just like our love!"

Maybe I'm too old and jaded.   Maybe Bob Mould will ask me why I bothered reviewing "Sunshine Rock" if I was just going to type about my hatred of flowers (That'd be cool, actually)   And for the record, I love plants I just don't think they should represent love.   I do firmly believe still that 2019 is The Year of Rock and this Bob Mould album is evidence of that.   Even if everyone else is going to write about it, even if you're going to listen to it without reading these words, it doesn't matter to me.   I want it on record for the rest of time that this album rocks and Bob Mould is how we measure rock music. 


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