Wrestling Preview //
Blitzkrieg! Pro
"Always The Hard Way"
December 30th, 2022
The Wrestival / Worcester MA

Blitzkrieg! Pro is coming to The Wrestival and they are bringing a card the likes of which wrestling fans have not seen before.   With known favorites combined with bigger names that don't always come to Worcester, Blitzkrieg! Pro also offers up the most variety in their choice of wrestling matches for this show.


Alec Price vs Alex Shelley

It has already been stated that Alec Price vs Alex Shelley will open this show and what a way to bring people in who might have thought of tuning in later on.   Alex Shelley for quite some time was such a huge influence and integral part of ROH and TNA and now he's even got a shot on the show after this one to win the Independent Wrestling World Championship again in a gauntlet match.  But Alec Price is one of those wrestlers who is coming up and winning championships, making a name for himself.   Truly a match of the past vs the future, but in a way which their two styles and levels of experience will make for the perfect match.

Bobby Orlando vs Alan Angels

Get well soon, Bryce.   This match came about because it was originally scheduled to be Shook Crew vs BUSSY and then the card got shuffled around a bit.  Alan Angels had been preparing to face Anthony Greene, which looked to be a rather solid wrestling match, but not with Bobby Orlando in the mix you can never really know what to expect.   Bobby Orlando (aka your mom) is always down for some sick tricks but can get the job done in the ring just as well.   This is going to be an interesting match for the clash of styles and how much the B!P Faithful will be behind Bobby Orlando.

BUSSY vs Anthony Greene/Ava Everett

Even though Effy and Allie Katch are not a couple, per se, they still feel like a power couple.  This match feels like a strong battle of power couples and even though this was not the original match it still intrigues me because of the four people involved in it.   I feel like AG/AVA are a bit of Northern New England (like MA) while BUSSY are more Southern New England (like NJ) and this isn't a type of match that Beyond or GCW would book, so it's quite interesting to see it in that way as well.  I'd love to see any of these four wrestlers face off in singles competition as well.  But this is going to still be a tag team match to steal the weekend and your only chance to see BUSSY at The Wrestival!

TJ Crawford vs Ichiban vs Dante Drago

    The thing about Blitzkrieg! Pro is that they cater to all styles of wrestling and this match might seem like a clash of styles on the surface, but all three of these three athletes can go.  TJ Crawford is back from injury and seems to be on a run which involves him wanting to obtain as much gold as possible, but both Ichiban and Dante Drago could also just as easily secure a win here and be in line for a title shot.  This is also, as far as I know of this writing right now, your only chance to see both TJ Crawford and Dante Drago at The Wrestival.  They should be all over every show, but this is one of those crucial reasons why you should go out of your way to catch this Blitzkrieg! Pro show.

CPA vs Matt Tremont

    People may look at CPA and assume he is not built for a hardcore/death match style of wrestling, but once upon a time in Blitzkrieg! Pro, CPA did compete in a match against both Jeff Cannonball and Nick Gage.   So CPA is likely more ready for this match than most people think.   At the same time, Matt Tremont has been on an absolute run of his life this past year, only looking to make it better, and as he has a shot at the Independent Wrestling World Championship after this show, he could very easily hope to just plow through CPA on his way to getting the gold.  

    In all fairness, Krule (who was stripped of the title) last defended it against Matt Tremont, so it feels like Tremont should have just won that match and the title if Krule can't continue, right?  And what if Tremont does win the title in the gauntlet and CPA gets a win over Tremont in this match?  This match is certainly going to be fun and not because it's going to be a comedy match but because I love violence.  Many implications may come out after The Wrestival, and some of them might even come from this match!

MSP (Champions) vs Locked & Loaded vs The CDC vs Miracle Generation (Blitzkrieg! Pro Tag Team Championship Ladder Hell Match)

    MSP just had one of the biggest matches of their career at "Mercy Me", successfully defending these very Tag Team Titles against BUSSY in a rather historic match.  Now, MSP is looking to go into 2023 with these titles but has to do so by putting them on the line against three other teams in Ladder Hell.  On one hand, Dustin Waller lost his BST Championship to Lucas Chase in a Ladder Match, so Miracle Generation might seem like high flyers that like ladders but they also might not have the best record with them either.

    The CDC seem to be having some problems within after their last match and Juba definitely tweeted that everyone in this match was going to get hurt, which we could assume includes Devantes and as tag team partners, Devantes isn't going to like that.   (But I do really want to see Devantes turn on The CDC and go on a huge babyface run eventually)  And then we have Locked & Loaded, who seem maybe like they don't have the ladder match experience together but still could be the best option to defeat MSP with Dan Barry guiding .50 Cal.  

    This match will be a lot of people flying in different directions and just all around chaos.  Somehow, MSP could manage to get the win in one of those situations where everyone else cancels each other out.  But I also fully believe that MSP might be able to win this one simply because of their talent.  MSP could survive Ladder Hell simply because they are just that damn good.

VSK (Champion) vs Andy Brown (Blitzkrieg! Pro Bedlam Championship Match)

    The stories leading up to this match should be enough for anyone who has ever attended a Blitzkrieg! Pro show in 2022 make the trip up to Worcester for this Title Match.  VSK has had successful title defenses this year, most recently against CPA but also over names such as Travis Huckabee.  Yet, Andy Brown came into this match by defeating Travis Huckabee in a Number One Contender's Match.   Brown has also held his own in Blitzkrieg! Pro this past year in matches with the likes of Anthony Greene.  

    Andy Brown is everything you could want to see in a professional wrestler.  He has the size to deliver moves with the power that you don't want to be on the receiving end of.  He has speed and is agile as all hell.   He's entertaining and he doesn't really seem to give a fuck what you think about him, but if you continue to boo him and piss him off he will get in your face.  Andy Brown is unpredictable, both in his attitude and wrestling style.  VSK has never wrestled someone like him before and that is going to be a huge factor in this match.

    There are a number of wrestlers out there who just feel like they're on this path to gold in the near future and Andy Brown seems like he's on the top of that list.  His time, it feels like now.  This feels like his match and this feels like his Championship to win.  As a fan of B!P, you are not going to want to miss this.

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