Music Review //
Niamh McKinney
"The Price"

"The Price" begins with those slick, blues-like rock guitars I'd expect to hear in a Tracey Chapman song.   It's fairly mellow in its delivery and can remind me of that Metallica song "Until It Sleeps", even though on a grand scale it isn't really metal.    But it is also a level above rock n roll because of the intensity of it, for how solemn it feels.

Lyrically, Niamh McKinney sings about "The price is always changing / I'll never get it paid" and if you've ever been in this situation you will immediately understand how this can be taken.  It doesn't even have to be about money directly, but you can just think about never being good enough for something or someone.

If you're out there looking for a job, they'll tell you that you need a degree.  When you have a degree, they'll tell you that you need three to five years experience as well.   It just feels like life sometimes has that way of setting up your goal for you but then moving the goal posts and making it where you have more steps to accomplish before the end.

On some level, this might seem like a good thing because it keeps you moving and going.  Once you become stagnant you might get bored.   But at the same time, eventually you just begin feeling like you're playing a game you are never going to win and that makes you want to stop playing.  Hopefully, this soft and sweet song by Niamh McKinney can help you see that light.  


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