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Robert Jon & The Wreck
"Who Can You Love"

As soon as you see Robert Jon in this video- the hat, the beard, the sunglasses- you have an idea of what type of sound you're in for, but it doesn't paint a complete picture.  There is an aspect of driving to this song, like Steppenwolf, and at its core there is that ZZ Top feeling as well- where rock n roll meets country- but also it just feels a bit like Americana, folk-ish like The Wallflowers.   

With a decent amount of acoustics, "Who Can You Love" isn't afraid to branch off into an electric guitar solo either.  The video mostly shows Robert Jon at first, but eventually the whole band is shown playing and then we see small videos of couples together doing couple things.  And that idea of being a couple is what this song is all about.

Sometimes people wonder when looking for a partner "What can this person do for me?", but Robert Jon & The Wreck remind us that it shouldn't be about those things and rather the feelings that you get-- how that other person makes you feel.  All too often I think a lot of people forget that and if you're not emotionally invested it isn't going to work.

One of the things I enjoy most about this song is just how mellow it is.  There is a message to it, but it feels like it's being delivered in such a matter of fact way that you can't disagree with it.  The song itself and the lyrics behind it are so chill but at the same time you can't ignore it and can only choose to accept it.   The true underlying power of a song and its message at full potential is right here.  


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