Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Music Review //
Tedd Hazard
"Destructive Criticism"


Tedd Hazard is back with his tenth full length album to close out 2022.  Right away, I like the fact that this album is titled "Destructive Criticism" because I've dealt with people far too long who can't take constructive criticism (or criticism of any kind really) and so I'm wondering if such a thing even exists.   It's something worth thinking about for sure and possibly just plays a larger role in the lives of people unable to listen to any sort of advice.

With the chaos of the acoustic guitar and those vocals which you know can only come from Tedd Hazard, this has that feeling of being one of the most complete albums that Tedd Hazard has done because it also just feels as if it has this theme which resonates throughout the songs.   The songs definitely feel more connected to each other than in the past, but it also just seems to take those strides musically where it's a lot of the harmonica and banjo sound and just overall more musical.

The titular track, for example, really has some strong music parts to it.  "Shitty" and "Anarchist Hotel" seem to highlight the banjo side of things while the songs "Nihilistic Northeast Pennsylvania" and "2 AM" bring out the most of that harmonica.   And then you have a song like "Miserable Young Man" which feels more upbeat, despite the title, and seems to blend the acoustics with the harmonica perfectly.  "2022" has a sad ballad feel to it and as this year comes to a close it does feel like it's just good to be over.

While this album is released in December and that brings the year to a close, I do think there are a lot of qualities in this album to listen to it and think back about the year as it finishes.  The lyrics can be somewhat bleak, but yet they somehow leave you with the hope that next year might be better.  At the same time, taken out context, I do feel that this album will become much more appreciated as it is looked back upon in the coming years and not seen as just the end to a few bad years.  

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