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This was the first event for Unsanctioned Pro and when I saw it on IWTV I watched it because a) it has names I love on it like Mance Warner and Space Monkey (plus a lot I don't know) and b) the main event is a Lego Death Match which I felt I needed to see.  I also spend a lot of time adding a lot of events to my watchlist on IWTV (you can really look this up if you work for IWTV) so sometimes I just have to press play on something so I don't feel like I'm wasting all my time not watching something.   There are also a ton of shows I want to watch which just aired and so why not instead go back to 2018, a little over a year ago.

I actually saw Everett Cross for the first time on Pizza Party Wrestling, so this was like going back in time again to see him in an even earlier match, which he also won, to open up the show.    It's nice how so many people feel connected by these events and then you have a name like Conor Claxton, which I recognize but can't quite place as to why.    I looked him up on CageMatch and it just seems like he's been in a lot of CZW so I don't know. 

Ace Austin vs. Dave Crist vs. Trey Miguel is a weird match because all three of these guys are in fairly big promotions right now and I say *promotions* because Ace Austin is somehow in both Impact Wrestling and MLW.   During this match I thought it was weird that you'd book one of the Crist brothers and not both of them but oh well.   It was still a solid, fast paced match.

Speaking of MLW, The Rejects took on the team of Dale Patrick and Mance Warner and this was Mance Warner in a singlet so I feel like it's a little more vintage than how he looks now but Mance Warner is one of those names I'd want to see on every card I watch so this was definitely a lot of fun.  Looking them up on CageMatch, The Rejects seem to still be around in Unsanctioned Pro, GCW and even PPW, so that's something to look for when I watch more of those shows.  [Side Note: Apparently PPW is Paradigm Pro and not Pizza Party]

Space Monkey and Myron Reed really had the match of the night for me.   I love Space Monkey.   There is simply no other like him.   And Myron Reed is out there doing good stuff in MLW right now, so seeing these two in the ring together was quite the treat and, yeah, I'm kind of surprised Space Monkey isn't in a more prominent role in professional wrestling today, but as Taz would say he's no slouch either, so at least he has his bananas.

Markus Crane and Eric Ryan are two wrestlers I had not heard of before this show but now I will always remember them for this Lego Death Match.   Interestingly enough, there was this giant plastic tub of Legos brought into the ring which Eric Ryan went into head first via brainbuster by Markus Crane and that resulted in the pin to end the match but the way that tub just cracked and all the Legos started pouring out is an image I will never forget as long as I live.   Just crazy stuff.

This was the first event from Unsanctioned Pro and I really enjoyed it.   Everything in my world goes together: If I like an album by a musician, I will listen to more of their albums.  If I like an issue of a comic book, I will read more comic books in that same series.  And with wrestling, if I like a wrestler or a promotion I will watch more of their matches.   Unsanctioned Pro is going into my watchlist in full after this one.


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