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The second show from Pizza Party Wrestling recently made its way to my attention on IWTV, so I looked them up, found out that they only have two shows on IWTV (and someone was recently tweeting about them) so I decided to watch the first one first and if I like it then go into the second one.   I recognize some of these wrestlers in name only, some I've seen wrestle and some I don't know.   As much as I enjoy what feel like big shows- when I know everyone on them- I do also really enjoy shows like this which have ten matches and I know maybe 30% of the wrestlers on the card.

Faye Jackson is a name I recognize but I've never seen her in action.   This opening contest was a good way to be introduced to her and PPW as well.   The second match was a four way tag team match which featured The Ugly Ducklings, who I recently saw in the CHIKARA King Of Trios, so it's kind of funny because this card was before that so this was my second time seeing The Ugly Ducklings in reality but it would have been my first in terms of time, like months and such.

Ezekial James is this big dude who beat Tony Deppen and, yeah, I watched this partly because Tony Deppen is on it and I did search on IWTV for Tony Deppen which was how I found the second PPW show.

Match of the Night honors saw Ophidian take on Pizza Cat and what show doesn't like a good pizza-themed character?  There was a spot in the opening of this match where Pizza Cat tried to give Ophidian a slice of pizza and Ophidian said that pizza is gross.   When you have a promotion that is a literal pizza party, it's pretty easy (and fun) to heel it up by saying you don't like pizza, but really, who doesn't like pizza?

Alex Zayne (aka the Taco Bell Wrestler) is on this show and he got a win over Robbie Eagles who I have heard of but was seeing wrestle for the first time here.   I'm not sure how many shows I've watched on IWTV and how many of those have had Alex Zayne on them but I'd say the percentage is strong. 

In what was billed as a Four Way East London Street Fight, Rory Gulak took on KTB, Jay Freddie and Sam Jude.   They said this might have been Sam Jude's first match and most of it involved cookie sheets and garbage cans.   At one point, Sam Jude tried to fly off the stage but ate a trash can courtesy of Rory Gulak.   This caused a PPW producer to come over- along with the ref- to check on Sam Jude, as it appeared as if he had hurt his ankle.

What's funny about this spot was that the producer then called for help from the back, the way you would call out the EMT types only... they... were... standing right behind him with a stretcher.   I could clearly see this on camera and I think someone in the audience shouted out something like "They're behind you!" so they ended up getting that together eventually.   But yeah.   It was funny to me because it was like "Paramedics are standing by! No no, not those ones though.  Let's call for some from the back"

This also all lead to Sam Jude being helped up and then hit in the back with a trash can by Rory Gulak.   Sadly, as I was watching this show on IWTV, over on the USA Network Drew Gulak was losing the Cruiserweight Championship to Lio Rush. 

Dick Justice took on Johnny Cockstrong in a 60 second iron man match, but at first they forgot to set a timer (the crowd was counting) and then they ended in a tie and they kept doing the five more seconds bit with Johnny Cockstrong trying to rollup Dick Justice until after a few times Dick Justice just pulled a Yokozuna and sat on him for the pin.   It was fun but went on maybe ten seconds too long.

Ezekial James returned to put his undefeated streak on the line, challenging someone from the crowd who goes by the name Oswald Project.  I'm not sure if this character was meant to be an alien or what, but it was weird to me he showed up in boots and tights (and a PPW shirt) but, hey, I feel like in the old days of ECW this wouldn't be uncommon so whatever.    This kid- Oswald Project- was quite flexible and seemed to Gumby his way through this match.

What was kind of where I got lost was when he won with a standing corkscrew moonsault.   If he isn't a wrestler, how did he know how to do that?   Well, when I was a kid I used to go to wrestling shows with my uncle and I once had this dream I was in the crowd at a wrestling show with him and they announced that someone didn't show up so they put me in a match and I somehow knew what to do so I guess (at least in my dream state) stranger things have happened.

As seems to be a thing that happens a lot in wrestling, there was a six way match, which I'm not always a fan of so many people in the ring at once but I do suppose it's a good way to showcase a lot of names at once.   Russel K. Best was a self-proclaimed hipster and the commentators said that him wearing pins made him a hipster but, c'mon, pins are also punk rock and just a part of all walks of life.    Maybe his hat made him a hipster instead.

In the main event Fred Yehi took on Daniel Makabe.   I have heard of Daniel Makabe and am familiar with Fred Yehi from EVOLVE so this was the perfect main event of someone I knew versus someone I wanted to know and it also just happened to be such a great mat-based submission match.    Daniel Makabe may seem kind of weird because he wears a futbol jersey when he wrestles, but all wrestling gear is kind of weird if you really think about it.

So from top to bottom this show had big men, this show had small men.   This show had women, this show had pizza.   This show had Pizza Cat, this show had tag teams.   And I really liked the tag team scramble as well (and usually I don't like tag team wrestling because I think it's overdone)   There was a hardcore match, high flying, comedy and a technical main event.    My only criticism (and this is of me, not of PPW) is that when I watch the next show I'm going to order pizza.


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