Music Review //
Zeb Samuels
"First Written"
(Deep Heads)

"First Written" is a slow, smooth song.   For the most part, the lyrics seem to be spoken, as if someone is telling a story of giving instructions and there is this cool strumming of a guitar behind it all.   It reminds me of a cross between that one acoustic album Sublime had and that song they play at a lot of graduation ceremonies but I can never remember by name but it is spoken words of advice.

This music video is animated- which I really enjoy- and it has a face speaking along with the words.   It changes shapes and feels somewhat trippy as a visual, like something you would have seen late at night on MTV back in the day (a combination of "120 Minutes" and "Liquid Television")   I don't think enough people explore the power of animated videos, but this is a great example of how one can be done so well. 

At the end, the song kind of fades out lyrically and turns into this guitar riff.   The animated face is gone and you can see birds flying, among other images, which just make you feel like you are being transported to another plane.   This whole song has that other-worldly vibe to it, where you can listen to it and just feel like you're up in the clouds or at the very least don't have your feet on the ground.

A perfect blend of visual and audio, "First Written" could be described as "chill hop", a mellow sort of hip-hop, but all the same Zeb Samuels could bring out another song after this which plays into that guitar riff and becomes more of a rock number.  It's one of those simply wonderful things about music: you don't always know where it might take you, but you should just be open to take the journey.


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