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"If I Was a Morgue, No One Would Die" //

A little bit of singing turns into these distorted beeps and electronic static.   On some level, this could be considered just a little bit of melody within the modem.   Everything quietly drops off into a series of beeps, which feel a lot lighter, and then the first track comes to an end.   Deeper beats and audio clips create the second song now.  A giant hole opens up like air coming into an airplane, as if someone opened the door and everything is getting sucked out.   There is something mechanical element to this as it feels also like shots are being fired.

An audio clip comes on about not being able to live in peace and there is a speech in here about an uncertain future.  Slowed down vocals now lead way to big breaking beats.  Onto the third song now we get some rhythm with this dark synth and it does feel like we're diving off the deep end into a Nine Inch Nails song here.   Words are slowed and spoken behind this.   They are informing us that we will not live forever, which is fair and accurate.  I think a lot lately how weird it is that a lot of people go to sleep for the last time every night without knowing it.

The third song ends with the sound of hip hop singing "give me some".   This takes us into the fourth track which begins with a clicking and then static comes through in little bursts as beats drop behind them.    This continues with beats like gun shots and there is slowed down singing about having teardrops in my eyes.   There is also an audio clip about a woman wanting to stab herself so that she knew her father loved her and, yes, it is quite disturbing in the words and the music matches.

Somewhat like an error now the last song squeals in a loop.   Someone asks what we are doing and the percussion goes crazy.   There are audio clips spliced into these fast paced drums.  Eventually some singing comes through and the overall state of the audio sampled within these beats just seems to be in pain.    A slowed down line about the end of the world now.  Talks of suicide, like from that 800 number that's always busy.  

At the very end everything stops except for an audio clip which asks "Are you going to kill yourself" and the response is along the lines of "I don't know.  Sometimes I think about killing myself and other times I want to live forever"  If this isn't the internal struggle of everyone it certainly is of me and for that this piece of music does hold a special place with me in at least knowing that I am not alone.  


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