Music Review //
cop funeral
"Feel Something"
(Already Dead Tapes) //

"Feel Something" consists of three new songs by Cop Funeral and it was released back in the summer of 2020.   Initially its release was a 7" Lathe, limited to 25 copies, but it is also available at a name-your-price download, with all the proceeds from that going to fight the power.  With everything that has happened in 2020, it is somewhat fitting that there would be new music by Cop Funeral, though wearing a Cop Funeral t-shirt in public now might be a different conversation than it was last year at this time (and that's okay). 

The music starts with a steady beat and heavy distortion.  As soon as you press play, it will wake you right up.   That beat seems to be tribal but it also feels as if we are exploring other planets in some sort of sci-fi way.   It gets harsher, with some grinding and just the way these electronics come through make it feel like such controlled chaos.   There is a brief bit of spoken word at the end of the first track but I believe it is from a movie.

With a slight static sound like wave larger bass beats come across like thunder to open up the second track.   This makes me think of AWOLNATION at first as well.  This feels like we're in an electronic jungle, like the movie "Predator", because there is this tension about this sound as well- like at any moment it might just break and either go into silence because we're dead or something incredibly loud which would be some sort of beast chasing us.   And right before the end of the track, those loud static bursts do indeed come through.  A few bass drops and you can still hear that rain.

As we seemingly dive back into space, tones ring back and forth as those electronics appear behind them, somewhat like the first track.   If the previous song was like "Predator" then one could argue that the first one was like "Alien" and this could be some sort of Alien vs. Predator situation.    Through a bit of screeching this somehow also can feel ambient behind it so there is this relaxing yet stressful way about the sound.   Previously when we also may have heard the beats come out more in a solo sense, this track seems to combine everything we've heard before into one solid blast to knock your socks off.


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