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This cassette begins quietly, with an air about it filled with these tiny tones of harmony.   This builds up nicely to where I feel like we're going into big guitars like The Who.   Tones come through now in longer drones, somewhat changing the frequency.   It almost feels like a whistle- like a call for someone or birds.   There are a few small bass notes dropping in the background and then vocals come in but they are not singing any words.   If music without words is "instrumental", is there a word for music which has vocals but they do not sing words or would it still just fall under the instrumental banner?

A big drum roll and everything opens up now.   This sound has just become so huge and it feels like a war cry yet is at a droning pace.    Big percussion now, like one of those giant drums that sits on the floor and you hit it with a big mallet that has all that fur at the end for some reason.   Slightly sharper tones ring through, a little bit like a drawn out ringtone.   There is something majestic within this thunder.   It feels like the knobs are changing frequencies as we drift into the abyss as well.  

As this grows to feel a bit more haunted I am just taken back by how it can sound like something so slow and relaxing yet at the same time there is this urgency and big importance to it.  In some ways, the music is what you make of it yourself, at the specific time of when you're listening to it.   If you're driving in a hurry and feel full of energy, so will these synth based tones.  But if you want to relax with a bath and just zone out from all around you (which is not recommended while driving) then this could easily morph into that type of sound for you as well.  It just feels so versatile in the way that it can shape itself to what you need to hear.

Sometimes I imagine we're floating through space or simply taking that long drive through an independent film.   Other times it feels like we're preparing for a battle- like a scene from the movie "Braveheart".   Being able to bend to your mood and situation is not something which a lot of music can do, but Huvudbry has found a way to do it here.   Different people will describe this in different ways and that is really where the true beauty lies within it all.    This is not a sound to be easily labeled as fast or slow, so much as that it goes along at your pace with you.  


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