That's My Jam! // Volume 2 (May 20th, 2020)

/01/ Dan Deacon "Mystic Familiar" (Domino Recording Co)

I've always enjoyed the music of Dan Deacon, back since that Spider-Man of the Rings album, and this is no exception.   This music starts off in a way which might be the positivity we need in the world right now, but then it dives off into some deep static which makes me feel like we've gone through a portal into a different realm where the rules are not quite the same.    At some point during the second half of the album we're on this instrumental wave that just feels like it neverends, as you can just see it stretch out past the horizons and with limitless potential.   "My Friend" doesn't come on until second to last but it's still my favorite song on this album.

/02/ Johanna Warren "Chaotic Good" (Wax Nine Records)

Pleasant acoustics with hypnotic vocals give this one the feeling of folk.    This kicks into a faster paced song which is somewhere between Michelle Branch and Delta Dart.    It takes almost halfway through the album, but "Twisted" just takes these songs to a whole new level, musically and lyrically.   By "Thru Yr Teeth" we get into a somewhat country ballad though this all ends with a lovely piano ballad.

/03/ Loose Fit "Loose Fit" (Fat Cat Records)

This is fun like Talking Heads. 

/04/ Rimplton "Low Oxy" (1000Doors)

Chill beats.   Relaxing tones.     The second track has a faster paced, virtual ping pong ball bouncing around feel to it.   And then the beats just kick in and this one becomes so much energetic fun.    Synths come shooting through in laser blast form on the third song.   The fourth and final song somehow brings all of the beats, lasers and other chill sounds together to complete this masterpiece.

/05/ Underground Canopy, Bluestaeb, S. Fidelity "Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity Present Underground Canopy"

As a record, this one is sold out but there are funky synths and overall just a futuristic feeling of jazz on this one.    Those pianos come in like Charlie Brown and this just has a rhythm which both makes me want to move and stay still.    That smooth sax brings out some combination of elevator and video game music. 

/06/ Rotting Out "Ronin" (Pure Noise)

Good old fashioned hardcore to wake up the neighbors.

/07/ Stay Inside "Viewing" (No Sleep)

Given that we all are supposed to stay inside right now, this should be a much more popular album than it is.   It's got that mewithoutYou thing going on.

/08/ Mallcops "We Made Plans to Self-Destruct and Return To The Stars"

Fun like Modern Baseball.

/09/ Cavanaugh "Quarantine Recordings"

Cavanaugh is Open Mike Eagle + Serengeti.  At least one of their mutuals is Darko The Super.   This is the type of crossover we need.   I would like more of these songs please.

/10/ Chloe Moriondo "Spirit Orb"

Pop punk, somewhat along the same lines as Speedy Ortiz only not.    These are only four songs, ten minutes or so, which leaves this as fun to put on when you don't want to listen to something longer- like if you just have something quick to do, like getting ready out of the shower.

/11/ Nada Surf "Never Not Together" (Barsuk Records)

Nada Surf has been one of my favorite bands for such a long time, I'm glad that in these times when we're stuck inside and I often find myself listening to music over everything else I have Nada Surf songs to play.   I don't always feel like watching a movie or painting or even writing, but I'll always put on music to not feel so alone.   I'm glad I can press play on this one.

/12/ Marks "ENDGAME"

These beats keep me moving.


Short and to the point.   My how I've missed this type of metal/hardcore that just seems to fuck you and leave.

/14/ MAYBEL "Gathering"

This is folk with elements of country and the first song is about birds which really just has me in love with this entire album.   Sometimes I think of "A Mighty Wind" and other times I'm reminded of June Carter-Cash.    It can be sad, but in an uplifting way. 

/15/ Fake Names "Fake Names" (Epitaph)

I like the energy on this one, kind of like As Friends Rust.

/16/ Keep Shelly In Athens "Horizon's Glow"

Two new songs to Keep Shelly In Athens!

/17/ CocoRosie "Put The Shine On"

This reminds me a little bit of Polly Scattergood but those distorted breakdowns are quite good.

/18/ Deerhoof "Future Teenage Cave Artists" (Joyful Noise Recordings)

I've always felt that Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu are two artists which I will always listen to their new albums and feel better.   "Future Teenage Cave Artists" does not let down.

/19/ VAR "The Never-Ending Year"

Dreamy post rock that isn't afraid to kick in heavy.  This reminds me a bit of The Beautiful Mistake and I like it.

/20/ Wyldlife "Year of the Snake" (Wicked Cool Records)

Punk rock with bits of pop, let's go!

/21/ KLS "Welcome Bienvenidos Hola" (Discos Peroquébien)

Short songs- most around a minute or less- and distorted hardcore along the lines of Drowningman and Snapcase.  This one is not to be missed.   (And it's also on cassette!)

/22/ ANMLPLNET "Fall Asleep"

I spend a lot of time (A LOT) listening to "The Pact" by Slothrust- on average I listen to it at least three or four times a week- and sometimes that takes me to other Slothrust albums and sometimes it takes me to this hidden gem which I'm putting here as a reminder.

/23/ Anna Burch "If You're Dreaming" (Polyvinyl Records)

This is a good type of dreamy for those lazy afternoons which feel like they go on forever.

/24/ Beach Comber "Parting Cuts"

Such a triumph and I cannot stop listening to it.

/25/ Call Me Malcolm "Me, Myself and Something Else" (Wiretap Records)

This isn't just ska, it's great ska!

Some pieces of music I don't have words for, you just have to listen to them for yourself :::
(some of these are from the beginning of my lockdown, I just didn't know if I'd find words for them or not so they're included now)

Abrams "Modern Ways"

Amos the Kid "Mountain View"

Trail of Dead "X: The Godless Void and Other Stories (Dine Alone)

Annie Hamilton "annie hamilton EP"

Atariame "Completeness"

Austra "HiRUDiN" (Domino Recording Co)

Boardgame James "Daydream" (1000Doors)

Beata "Mourning/Master"

Blue Canopy "Mild Anxiety" (Grind Select)

Bolt Gun "Begotten" (Art As Catharsis)

boys be kko "Far East Express"

Brutal Panda 2020 Label Sampler

Caroline Blind "The Spell Between"

CAUSTIC WOUND "Death Posture" (Profound Lore)

chance|to|tliwosc "corriger la fortune a 4 mains"

Chris Pellnat "Rain"

Clea Vincent "Tropi-Clea 2" (Midnight Special Records)

Commodo "Loan Shark"

Couch Slut "Take A Chance On Rock 'n' Roll"

Crowhurst and Gavin Bryars present Incoherent American Narrative

Cup "Nothing Could Be Wrong"

Dana Gavanski "Yesterday Is Gone" (Full Time Hobby)

Daniel Ruiz "Diamond Fanged Black Feline"

Darko The Super "Nevermind"

dave phillips "post homo sapiens"

Do Nothing "Zero Dollar Bill"

dreamcrusher "Panopticon!"

DZTN 1980 "War of Good Intentions"

Eartheater "Below the Clavicle"

Eishan Ensemble "Afternoon Tea at Six"

Ella Joy Meir "Old Songs"

-EMERGE- "steps"

Emile Nicolas "Let Her Breathe"

Emily A. Sprague "Hill, Flower, Fog"

Emma-Jean Thackray "RAIN DANCE"

Empress Of "I'm Your Empress Of" (Terrible Records)

Endless Melancholy "A Perception Of Everything"

Gardening, Not Architecture "First LP"

Gaytheist "How Long Have I Been On Fire?"

Ghost Work "You'll Be Buried With" (IDEAS) 6/5

Hinds "The Prettiest Curse"

h i y o h i y o i p s e n i y o "InDiferents per cortesia"

Ian Watson "The Pile" (Invisible City Records)

Jasmine Infiniti "BXTCH SLAP" (New World Dysorder World Wide)

Jennifer Touch "Behind the Wall" (Fatcat Records)

Jesse Stewart + Mike Desj Live

Laura Cole "Enough"

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete "Re-Facto"

Lovedrug "Turning Into Something You Were Never Meant To Be"

Madeleine Cocolas "Ithaca"

Makeup and Vanity Set "To Live And Die In LA"

Martina Bertoni "All the ghosts are gone"

Men And Health "Devil in a Suitcase & Jesus in a Pocket"

Michelle Blades "Nombrar las cosas"

Michelle Gurevich "Ecstasy in the Shadow of Ecstasy"

Portico Quartet "Trajectory"

Portico Quartet "We Welcome Tomorrow"

Sam Goku "Paradise Drum EP" (Atomnation Records)

Senator Quartet "Senator Quartet"

Snorlax "II"

Sofia Bolt "Waves"

STRFKR "Future Past Life"

Sunshine State "The Mess"

Sunwatchers "Oh Yeah?"

Surf Philosophies "St Tropez Gossip" (Adrian Recordings)

TAKAHIRO MUKAI "Multiple Connections"

Time Stalkers "Time Stalkers" (Gentle Reminder)

Top Threat Top 40

Triple Ente "Demos"

UGLY FLY GUYS "Cult Of Buzz" (Dirty Water Records)

Ultimate Fakebook "The Preserving Machine" (Sonic Ritual)

Uncommon Nasa "Ornate"

Unconditional Arms "Formation"

Van Der Blute "Passion / Desire" (Schwarz Neon Licht)

Vanessa Rossetto "self-care"

Water From Your Eyes "33:44"

White Poppy "Paradise Gardens" (Not Not Fun Records)

Why Bonnie "Voice Box" (Fat Possum Records)

Three One G Cramps Covers Album


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