Cassette Review //
Rosé Perez + Period Bomb
"Born in a Bag"
(Crass Lips / 20/20 Tapes & Records)

$6 // //

I feel like I'm one of the only people who actually liked the "Birds of Prey" movie.  I don't like most of the films by DC and I genuinely think that their take on "Justice League" is the worst film ever made, but for whatever reasons I really enjoyed "Birds of Prey" to the point where I recently bought it on Blu-Ray.   Perhaps one of the things which I like about it is the casting of Rosie Perez, whom I have loved ever since I saw "White Men Can't Jump".   Though this name may sound similar, this cassette is actually a split between Rosé Perez and Period Bomb.   But, yes, I think Rosie Perez should be a more celebrated actress.

I wasn't sure at first what was going on with the audio clips in the first song, but then when you see the title "Megan's Wedding" it all makes sense because it's about the "royal wedding".   That's about as much as I know about all of that, and bless Rosé Perez for making me listen to their vows and now that's something I can say that I did.   Synths make Rosé Perez sound upbeat, like Oingo Boingo but also in a modern way, as words are sung, spoken and layered.   It's like if Delta Dart fused with Dan Deacon and it's amazing. 

The second begins with slow acoustic strumming and the singing of the word "placenta".  I mean, this is a split with Period Bomb, so don't seem too shocked.  This song kicks in so heavily distorted that it does shock me in that way though because it just went from quiet to loud like flipping a switch but yet it worked so well.   "Placenta Agenda" is also about eating the placenta, which just goes to show why this is a split with Period Bomb.   I could totally see Rosé Perez and Period Bomb playing shows together and trying to outdo the other on stage with freaking out the crowd.

Bass lines lead the charge on "Masculine" and it's a rather distorted song, which I do enjoy.  Is it bad that this song sings (mockingly) "Look at me I'm so masculine" and I immediately think of at least five people?  "Diva Cup" has a lot of talking within the singing.  It's more melodic and less distorted than the other songs.   I'm pretty sure the subject matter is close to that of their friends on the other side.   Sadly, this is the only piece of music I can find from Rosé Perez on Bandcamp but I'm definitely interested in hearing more.   Four songs just doesn't feel like enough.

On the flip side Period Bomb starts up with some bass lines and rocking.  The lyrics are all attributed to the title- "Social Niceities"- and it always has bothered me how as a society we're so inclined to ask "How are you doing?" to someone else- I mean go to a grocery store and the cashier will ask you- but how often does the person asking really care?  I feel like the next time someone asks me "How are you?" I should just open up to them about everything- which is a lot because just look at what's going on in the world right now on top of all of our own personal shit.   But I don't want to be that burden on society, so we lie, say we're fine and move along.

In the second song, "Jazz Song", the diva cup is mentioned confirming my belief from that song closing out the first side.   This music is so wild, doing so many different things at once.  It reminds me of Christiansen at times, but then I just also think about "Where have I heard this before?" and my ears become partial from spending so much time listening to Period Bomb.    "Sexy Cowboy" has closer to a traditional sound (for Period Bomb anyway) as it races across verses, starts and stops and just that overall feeling of The B-52's or skramz. 

The bass lines on "Control Freak" do remind me of "Bleach" era Nirvana.  The lyrics raise an interesting point that we are all control freaks- even our dogs- and it's true because we all want to be in charge, we all want to be the main characters of our own stories (and we should be) but sometimes we have to accept that, to others, we are only supporting characters.   If you're not listening to Period Bomb and making similar realizations about yourself and life then I don't know how you're spending your time.


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