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This song begins with these desolate tones which have a sci-fi feel to them.   This kicks into a sound which is somewhere between rock and pop, maybe with a little bit of that country/folk feel added in as well.   It's slower and is telling a story until the chorus kicks in and picks up in a big way.   The piano comes in and I'm reminded a bit of Michelle Branch or Anna Nalick, which are not influences I get to reference often enough.

As smooth and calming as this song is, it can feel just as intense.  And in that way, I'm quite invested in these lyrics because the idea behind "Somebody" is that "I'm not gonna cry tonight because there is somebody waiting for me" and I think that we all need to feel that way at some point in our lives.   We can try and be alone as much as possible but at the end of the day, there does come a time when we need someone- when we wish somebody was there.

Musically this song even ends on that beautiful piano part which just kind of feels like the end of the movie.  It's something I wouldn't put past hearing on the radio, yet at the same time there exists a certain level of music which I feel is too good for the radio (because maybe the masses are not all meant to enjoy or understand it) and I want to put Aditi in that place slightly even if it means isolating all of those people who might need to hear these lyrics for inspiration.

"Somebody", as a song, is an investment rather than a gift.  It's something that you might not listen to and say "Yeah, I feel this" right now because maybe your head is in a different place.  But there will come a time in your life when you feel like you need "Somebody" and that's why you need to put this one away if you don't feel it right now- like money saved for a rainy day.   When the time comes that you do realize you need this song, you'll be glad you have it saved and you'll be glad for Aditi as well.


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