Cassette Review //
"Forensic Beats"
(Degenerate Trifecta)

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$5 //
Edition of 50 // //

When this starts the beats are definitely there, but as the title also implies it has this certain sound to it where it can feel like "The X-Files" but also like one of those shows I don't watch but everyone who does watch it is really into it and kind of is addicted- like CSI, if you will.    It has that eerie feeling, like a body has been found and it's up to us to solve the crime in forty three minutes or less, but there is also just this movement which makes me want to go outside and run.

Synths twist and turn as we sort of fade away from the forensic idea and just get into a great groove.    It takes on a pinball game feeling as well, as words are spoken and the beat just remains so steady.   It feels like we're moving and getting further away from one thing while getting closer to another, but even though the song ends as the first side does it does not quite feel like we are complete: we need to go to the next side.

On the flip side as the beats bounce around it sounds as if an electronic voice is saying "oh yeah" and it feels like a clue somehow, if you're sticking with the forensic theme.    We get into some dark slip beats now which feel somewhere between old school and industrial, so I'm definitely feel like we've gone from this faster paced theme on the first side to something more like "Lost Highway" now, which is about where it should be if we're talking about murder.

We're back into these haunted beats that cast a shadow with these grooves behind them, slicing through like an alarm of some kind, not so much like a physical one which would be coming from a cop car but rather an alarm in your mind.     This takes you on a hypnotic journey before finally freeing your mind in the end, which I suppose solves the case if you're  sticking with that theme.    The case, of course, would have to depend upon what answers you need in your life and these beats will be able to provide you with them.


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