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Collapse Under The Empire
"Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us"

At first, "Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us" begins in a rather ambient and atmospheric way.  The first song, "Ark Of Horizon", eventually kicks in with drums and keys which make it feel more like post rock.    It is a true testament to the sound of Collapse Under The Empire, that something can be lifted from so minimal to so large and expansive.   And that's just the start of how this album goes because it is only the first song.

"Red Rain", which is the second track, features a more driving force.   These songs are all instrumental but they all have that quality in which when they do kick in it feels as if the music itself is singing.   In ways this reminds me of Phantoms vs. Fire, as the keys on the second track just feel so dramatic.   There are beeps and boops as well, not letting us forget the electronic side of this.   And then, interestingly enough, the guitar just kicks in fast and heavy.    As we get into this heavier guitar drive I begin to think of an artist like Coheed and Cambria and that is never a bad thing.

On "Resistance" there are intense pianos and synth bursts like alarms.   I only ever really think of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for their holiday music but this has that similar sound to it even if it isn't about Christmas.   The way it really just kicks in heavy with the keys as well reminds me of a band such as Brazil or Chiodos.  The song then slows down, gets a bit lighter and becomes rather uplifting.   Before the finale though it does kick back in and I suppose now is the best time to point out that each of these eight songs is like a mini-album, come together to form one super album.  

There are start and stop guitars on "Destruction" which makes me feel like we're in space for some reason but also there is a battle.  It would be like if the movie "The Phantom Planet" was updated but not in a bad way.    As the lasers kick in, the tick-tocks of the keys do as well and this one just has that end of the Earth importance to it.    The titular track hits just as hard with the keys which make it feel like Death Cab For Cutie.   Since the first song, this really kind of evolves out of the post rock which I felt at the start.    Even as we grow to this titular track it feels so much heavier now.

"A New Beginning" does have some post rock vibes to it, but ultimately it just feels like a sci-fi film soundtrack and I'm not sure if music has a sci-fi genre or not (there is a horror genre for both music and movies so why not) but this definitely paints the picture of a sci-fi film I would like to see.    "Another Earth" sounds like "The X-Files" and just ties the whole story this album tells together so well.   Considering the title of "Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us" it makes me feel like our planet is no longer safe and we must find a new place to live.   These themes are within the music created by Collapse Under The Empire but since they are instrumental you really have to listen.  


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